Our goal is to democratize real estate.

Here at Fraction, we have two goals. Our first goal is to provide liquidity and flexibility to homeowners, allowing them to choose where their money goes and let it work for them. Our second goal is to allow anyone to invest in real estate, bringing the opportunity for real estate wealth to anyone, regardless of age or net worth.

Who we are.

Fraction is on a mission to change how home ownership works, allowing for more flexibility than ever before. We are based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The Team

Josh Baker
Co-Founder & CTO 
@ Fraction
Hayden James
Co-Founder & CEO @ Fraction
Robert Mogensen
Chief Mortgage Officer @ Fraction
Derek Schumann
Director @ Fraction
Shaun Cumby
Director @ Fraction


Shannon August
Founder @ AAREA & Perk Realty Inc.
Denis Silva
Securities Lawyer at Gowling WLG
Dave Carter
President at DK Consultancy Inc.

Take control of your future.

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BC Mortgage Broker License: X300860